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Government of India is committed to enhancing the ease of doing business in India. It has undertaken several steps in this direction.  This has led to India jumping 12 ranks  to 130 in the latest   (2015) Ease of Doing Business Index of  the World Bank.  The World Bank report says India is one of the countries that have made the maximum  improvement. Further work on “Ease of Doing Business” is in progress.

The Government has simplified procedures for approvals, repealed obsolete laws and put in place a progressive tax regime to attract investments.  The government has taken to reforming institutions, simplifying procedures and repealing obsolete laws, besides unlocking infrastructure development opportunities as well as focusing on clean energy and cutting subsidy leakages. All this and more have made   India the world's fastest growing economy among large economies.   Inflation, fiscal deficit and current account deficit have all come down and the country recorded the highest ever foreign exchange reserves in 2015.   The government has taken a number of measures to put in place a simplified, progressive and non-adversarial tax regime by incorporating internationally prevalent best practices in tax administration.  Also, procedures have been simplified to improve ease of approvals and dedicated commercial courts and commercial divisions in high courts have been established.   Major initiatives for improving ease of doing business in India can be seen 
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